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Custom Made Jewelry Repair

Expert Jewelry Repair Service in Boston, MA!

Jewelry repair are done on premises while you wait and watch!

No type of jewelry, precious metal or gemstone is impervious to wear and possible damage. All jewelry requires periodic examination, replacement of lost or chipped gemstones, refurbishing, and other forms of repair or replacement of worn and damaged parts. Areas that receive the most wear include hinges and clasps, prongs and settings, ring shanks, bracelet links and chains.

We offer uncompromising professional reconditioning and custom made jewelry repair on your most treasured pieces of jewelry. Our expertise combines years of experience restoring and repairing all types of jewelry. We employ some of the finest, most experienced master craftsmen in the industry.

We offer these and more:

  • Ring sizing
  • Custom engraving
  • Stone replacement
  • Remounting
  • Clasps replacement
  • Retipping Prongs
  • Bracelet repair
  • Chain repairs
  • Watch repairs and bands
  • Custom designs
  • Pearl stringing
  • Earring findings

For top-quality jewelry repair and refurbishing, call us or contact us online. We’re here to help! Please make an appointment or walk in.

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